Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So Valentine's Day was supposed to be some kind of romantic dinner, right? Well, even though I was in NO mood to get out to a fancy restaurant, we called a few places to see who had openings. No one did. So I wanted to cook something special for my baby. But Lo and Behold, we ran out of time for the dish that I wanted to cook. So THEN, we gave up and decided to rent a movie and order a pizza. Which ended up being REALLY good, and so did the movie.

Right before we ordered pizza, though, I had the typical pregnant-mama food. I was eating a pickle spear when Kris walked around the corner and said, "Oh, God.... you pregnant-ass." And I had to explain to him how pickles when pregnant is a lot like milkshakes when stoned. Seriously. So I had peas, pickles, and a BBQ sandwich.

But man... for the last two weeks it's been crazy. I want BBQ ribs, shrimp, ribs, shrimp, ribs, shrimp. The other day I thought I was going to DIE if I didn't have a McChicken. So we've been doing a lot of shrimp and Sonny's. I finally had the Rocket the other night and that burger was bigger than me! But oh, sooo good.

Well the pup's head is laying on the base of the keyboard so I'll wrap this up.
The nausea hasn't been as bad these last two days, unless I eat way too much, then I get hot and almost pass out. However, the lower half of my digestive system has totally betrayed me.

So, in short...



extreme tiredness
mood swings
lowered libido

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