Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Attack of the 27-week-pregg-o-gut!!

So I finally caved in and took a few pictures, and had fun photoshopping them. This one turned out the "best" and it's making its rounds.

I was looking at it, and I realized, YES! Finally! My breasts look proportional! Because for several weeks my breasts looked like two huge watermelons just flopping around on my chest... and just to give you and idea of The Belly's size, my breasts are an official 36DD (even though they look so cute in this picture!!). And also, for those of you that knew me back in the Indiana days, you all know that I'm very self conscious about the "level of sagginess" of my breasts... thankfully, at this point in the pregnancy, the fat has filled out the skin and they perk a little more. Not to mention there's The Belly to hold them up. :)

At 27 weeks... I can feel a lot of motion. I have been for awhile now. Jake is a VERY active little boy. Some days he'll pick one random spot, and just kick the hell out of it until I think his foot is about to break through. Other days he doesn't kick, he just flips... and flips... and flips... and squirms... and flips... and I can feel his body parts all moving and poking out at random spots... and his arm, which was just down by my hips, is now poking into my ribs! It's the coolest feeling (unless it's at 3am)!

And of course, we all know Daddy loves it.


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