Monday, July 31, 2006

Stretch marks...

A post from 28 weeks 6 days.... 8 days until I'm in the 30s!!

Jake is WILD! Totally wild! Crazy! Insane! He never stops! He's not moving right this second, but that's because he has the hiccups... so for me, it never ends. Aren't babies supposed to NAP every now and then? I think someone said 30 minutes at a time... well, when do I get my 30 minutes?

But anyway, today's topic is stretch marks. I have a lot of stretch marks. I mean, I look like a desert map with a whole river system. And of course, due to the culture I live in, I can't help but be a little self-conscious about these marks. There's such a negative stigma attatched to anything that isn't smooth, tan skin, you know?

Well, I want to blow that out of the water, because I believe it's total BS. These stretch marks are my battle scars, in the way that all men show off the scars they get from fights (with people, with inanimate objects, with idiocy...). But more than that, they are proof of a miracle. These marks don't just say "Hey, look, I had a baby", they say "Look, I brought forth a MIRACLE FROM GOD" and there is NO shame in bringing forth a miracle from God. God made a woman's body to bear children, and to stretch to accomodate this miraculous event... God leaves this special mark on a woman's body long after she participates in this miracle. The fact that our bodies don't tear apart or explode is just as much of a miracle as the baby that causes it all...

So why do we, as women, try to hide this part of the beauty?

I am proud that God gave me a body with the ability to produce miracles... miracles of all kinds.

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