Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well, Boo, you've done it!

You sent us to the hospital last night!

Here's the picture I took of mah belly right before we left (just in case...)
36 weeks, 6 days...

And here's the story...

Yeeesterday morning, at around fiiiive AM, I felt a gush of fluid... I thought it may be a slow leak of amniotic fluid... so I got up a little later, got all the bags packed and the car cleaned out, and by the time Daddy got off work, he met Gigi and me at the hospital.

We got hooked up to the EFM... one annoying little pod for your heartbeat, and one painful little pod for my contractions (which were few, mild, and far between). Then the lady came and checked my cervix, which was 1.5cm dilated (woohoo!) and 60% effaced (woohoo!), but at a -3 station (boo). She also realized when she checked me that I was loooosing my mucous plug, because of the BIG BRIGHT RED bloody show :) . She tested to see if my water had broken, and her test was inconclusive, so Dr. G came in and did a different (more painful) test, which came up negative... no baby tonight!

They wanted me to stay for another hour and walk to see if there was any cervical change (which would indicate early labor), so we walked for an hour and 15 minutes, and nothing changed. I don't know if it was because of the walking or because of my hoo-hoo having so many pairs of fingers up there, but I had some strong contractions when we got home that night! After a few of them, they stopped, and Daddy and I went to sleep.

Ohhh, Daddy and I are so tired today! But now we know it won't be much longer... many women go into labor within a few days of a bloody show, and a lot of first time mama's don't dilate until they start labor... so maybe it really is the beginning! Either way, Boston and I are probably going to go for a walk to see if anything happens... IF I have the energy!

Just come on out, okay? We're ready! The bags are packed! You're done baking and I don't want you burning!!! =D


Saturday, September 23, 2006


So I've washed all the baby stuff

Vacuumed the whole house... twice...

Organized and cleaned our bedroom

Put new sheets on the bed (that was a hard one!)

Rewashed all the baby blankets and crib sheets (thanks, Bubbacat)... and then put that stupid crib sheet back on that stupid crib mattress.... :)

Dusted the living room, and Windexed all the figurines in there (about 5 million)

Pledged the baby furniture (ooh, it so shiny now! and the SMELL!)

Painted a painting to hang in the baby's room (ooh it purdy and it say BOUDREAUX)

Did a bunch of laundry again (I swear, Kris changes clothes about 200 times a day)

And I'd still like to:

Tell Bubbacat to find a new way to knock on the door... his scraping paws on metal just kills me...

Finish packing the labor bag (the only part that's done is Jake's part)

Paint our bedroom

Put up that ONE LAST FREAKING PIECE OF MOULDING that's laying across our bedroom floor!!!

Put up the blinds (this is a Kris and Granny covert mission)

Find some curtains and a curtain rod to put up in Jake's room

Put up that piece of thang above the A/C in the living room (this is a Kris job)

Teach Kris where his socks go (or else I'll find a place to put them, hee hee)

Get a multi-picture picture-frame thing (white frame) and put the pictures I picked out in it (about 15 pictures) (and then another frame for 3 pictures)

Find someone who will take Bo to the groomer's for a bath and nail trim WHILE I AM IN LABOR (and if they paid for it, too, that would be nice)

Stop making lists


So I think I'll do that now, eh? As I (yet again) wait for Kris to get home.

Much love,
Boo's Mama

Monday, September 18, 2006


Did you know that your name is the number one most popular name in the US right now? And your middle name is the number seven name. Your middle name was almost Daylor, and sometimes I wish I would have went with that... I'm a big fan of the more unique names and spellings. I was thinking the other day that we should spell your name Jakob, which is how it would be spelled in most other countries anyway. But of course I'll have to check with Daddy first... and Gigi, to make sure that nothing's been bought with "Jacob" already monogrammed into it.

It's always interesting to know what you would have been named if you ended up the opposite gender... I think my mom said I would have been Charlie... or something... I'm not sure. I asked her a long time ago, and I'd really like to know now, but it's too late at night to call her. But anyway, in case you ever wanted to know, you would have been Kaia Donavyn. It started out as Kaia Dawn, but your Aunt Bug wants to use that name for HER first girl... so Daddy and I decided to let her have it...

I finally got around to taking my own pictures of your nursery. We still need to put up curtains... but other than that, it's finished. Every time I walk down the hall, I stop and look through your doorway. Boston already sleeps in it, ready to guard something, but not sure what it is yet (the expensive furniture, maybe?). But every time I walk by, I can't help but think of all the times Daddy told me about our Paw-Paw, and how he'd walk down that hallway and stop in the same exact spot, looking in on him... even when he was 20! So I can't help but wonder if, while I'm looking in, he's looking in right behind my shoulder, too. I know it wouldn't scare you... you got to meet him in heaven and spend a few days with him before you came to earth... and it makes me feel good to know we've got another set of eyes looking out for you. Big Jake is looking out for his Little Jake.

(BTW that is NOT a real baby... that's a doll)

I'll be 36 weeks pregnant at our appointment tomorrow... that means we'll be meeting you any day, but probably not until after 37 weeks. I need to get Daddy to take another picture of my belly... it's so fascinating to put them all next to each other! You were easier on me today than usual... maybe because I tried to take it easier today than usual... and I could actually breathe and walk around some.

I thought you'd like to know that gas is actually really cheap right now... HAHAHA! Well, when I first started driving, it was 1.60-1.70... the highest it ever got was right after hurricane Katrina last year, at 3.40 or so. Recently it's been sitting around 2.70, except the last two or three weeks because of ELECTIONS it's been 2.20-2.30. But it'll go back up right after all the formalities end. Our president is George W. Bush, who looks like a monkey and thinks like one, too. I'd assassinate him myself, but then this guy named Dick Cheney would be the president, and that'd be even worse. So us decent American folk that don't like Bush (58 per cent of the population) are patiently waiting for the next election... and praying... and praying some more....

But anyway, JD, it's almost 10. And that's way past Mama's bedtime. I'm just waiting for Daddy to get home. He went to a youth church thing and said he'd be home at a decent hour... but you know how these things go... you've already been to a few with us, and we NEVER get home early! So I'm going to lie here on the couch and watch the weather channel until he gets home... I have a feeling you and I are going to watch a lot of the weather channel once you get here, too... it's really some nice jazz if you listen to it.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yeah... I promised a few people I'd post again, since it's been forever...

Dear Boo-Droh

I'm sitting here with feet that are as huge as baseball gloves... whooo man... and tingly too. It's been getting rough.

Let me tell you what, Boo, you've been making these last few weeks really rough on me! Do you know how many times I have to get up every night to pee, with you tapdancing on my bladder? Well, I guess you're not tapdancing, you're head-butting. But anyway, I'm sure you know, because all of a sudden it gets a little brighter in there for a minute... and that's when I cycle through 20 positions to find a good one for getting up, then waddle to the bathroom in a half-limp (swollen feet, remember?), then sit on the toilet and pee (OH YEAH!!!), then cycle through another 20 positions to find a good one for wiping, then waddlelimp back to the bedroom, and try to GENTLY fall back into bed... without waking up Daddy. But you can hear what's going on, so you already know that I have to wake him up every time, because he likes getting on Mama's side of the bed.

We've pretty much finished your nursery. Wow, your furniture is awesome. It's so beautiful that I just want to climb in that crib and sleep in it. It was a present from your Pops & Gigi. Yep, they can't wait for you to get here, either! But anyway, Gigi decorated for you... and she sure is good at that kind of thing! It looks amazing... (pics are coming later). And you should see your big furbrother Bobo... he sleeps right in your doorway already, ready to protect you!

And hey, what's up with you not liking milk? For your information, I've been eating cereal and drinking milk for 15+ years... how dare you just come along and start making me nauseous every time I do it now! I miss cereal!!!

But anyway... you and I are about to lug ourselves to the bathroom and then to bed... since Daddy doesn't understand that when I say "I want to be home by 8:30" does NOT mean "But 10:30 is okay..." so you and I haven't slept for a few days. So hey, let's go SLEEP for a few hours!

I'm sorry for not writing often... it's just been a little CRAZY here lately! But hey... we have your cradle and enough clothes to last a century (if you'd stay newborn sized that long!)... so GET OUT of MAH BELLY!

This is your 30 day eviction notice. And I'm being generous.