Saturday, September 23, 2006


So I've washed all the baby stuff

Vacuumed the whole house... twice...

Organized and cleaned our bedroom

Put new sheets on the bed (that was a hard one!)

Rewashed all the baby blankets and crib sheets (thanks, Bubbacat)... and then put that stupid crib sheet back on that stupid crib mattress.... :)

Dusted the living room, and Windexed all the figurines in there (about 5 million)

Pledged the baby furniture (ooh, it so shiny now! and the SMELL!)

Painted a painting to hang in the baby's room (ooh it purdy and it say BOUDREAUX)

Did a bunch of laundry again (I swear, Kris changes clothes about 200 times a day)

And I'd still like to:

Tell Bubbacat to find a new way to knock on the door... his scraping paws on metal just kills me...

Finish packing the labor bag (the only part that's done is Jake's part)

Paint our bedroom

Put up that ONE LAST FREAKING PIECE OF MOULDING that's laying across our bedroom floor!!!

Put up the blinds (this is a Kris and Granny covert mission)

Find some curtains and a curtain rod to put up in Jake's room

Put up that piece of thang above the A/C in the living room (this is a Kris job)

Teach Kris where his socks go (or else I'll find a place to put them, hee hee)

Get a multi-picture picture-frame thing (white frame) and put the pictures I picked out in it (about 15 pictures) (and then another frame for 3 pictures)

Find someone who will take Bo to the groomer's for a bath and nail trim WHILE I AM IN LABOR (and if they paid for it, too, that would be nice)

Stop making lists


So I think I'll do that now, eh? As I (yet again) wait for Kris to get home.

Much love,
Boo's Mama

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