Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well, Boo, you've done it!

You sent us to the hospital last night!

Here's the picture I took of mah belly right before we left (just in case...)
36 weeks, 6 days...

And here's the story...

Yeeesterday morning, at around fiiiive AM, I felt a gush of fluid... I thought it may be a slow leak of amniotic fluid... so I got up a little later, got all the bags packed and the car cleaned out, and by the time Daddy got off work, he met Gigi and me at the hospital.

We got hooked up to the EFM... one annoying little pod for your heartbeat, and one painful little pod for my contractions (which were few, mild, and far between). Then the lady came and checked my cervix, which was 1.5cm dilated (woohoo!) and 60% effaced (woohoo!), but at a -3 station (boo). She also realized when she checked me that I was loooosing my mucous plug, because of the BIG BRIGHT RED bloody show :) . She tested to see if my water had broken, and her test was inconclusive, so Dr. G came in and did a different (more painful) test, which came up negative... no baby tonight!

They wanted me to stay for another hour and walk to see if there was any cervical change (which would indicate early labor), so we walked for an hour and 15 minutes, and nothing changed. I don't know if it was because of the walking or because of my hoo-hoo having so many pairs of fingers up there, but I had some strong contractions when we got home that night! After a few of them, they stopped, and Daddy and I went to sleep.

Ohhh, Daddy and I are so tired today! But now we know it won't be much longer... many women go into labor within a few days of a bloody show, and a lot of first time mama's don't dilate until they start labor... so maybe it really is the beginning! Either way, Boston and I are probably going to go for a walk to see if anything happens... IF I have the energy!

Just come on out, okay? We're ready! The bags are packed! You're done baking and I don't want you burning!!! =D


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