Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yeah... I promised a few people I'd post again, since it's been forever...

Dear Boo-Droh

I'm sitting here with feet that are as huge as baseball gloves... whooo man... and tingly too. It's been getting rough.

Let me tell you what, Boo, you've been making these last few weeks really rough on me! Do you know how many times I have to get up every night to pee, with you tapdancing on my bladder? Well, I guess you're not tapdancing, you're head-butting. But anyway, I'm sure you know, because all of a sudden it gets a little brighter in there for a minute... and that's when I cycle through 20 positions to find a good one for getting up, then waddle to the bathroom in a half-limp (swollen feet, remember?), then sit on the toilet and pee (OH YEAH!!!), then cycle through another 20 positions to find a good one for wiping, then waddlelimp back to the bedroom, and try to GENTLY fall back into bed... without waking up Daddy. But you can hear what's going on, so you already know that I have to wake him up every time, because he likes getting on Mama's side of the bed.

We've pretty much finished your nursery. Wow, your furniture is awesome. It's so beautiful that I just want to climb in that crib and sleep in it. It was a present from your Pops & Gigi. Yep, they can't wait for you to get here, either! But anyway, Gigi decorated for you... and she sure is good at that kind of thing! It looks amazing... (pics are coming later). And you should see your big furbrother Bobo... he sleeps right in your doorway already, ready to protect you!

And hey, what's up with you not liking milk? For your information, I've been eating cereal and drinking milk for 15+ years... how dare you just come along and start making me nauseous every time I do it now! I miss cereal!!!

But anyway... you and I are about to lug ourselves to the bathroom and then to bed... since Daddy doesn't understand that when I say "I want to be home by 8:30" does NOT mean "But 10:30 is okay..." so you and I haven't slept for a few days. So hey, let's go SLEEP for a few hours!

I'm sorry for not writing often... it's just been a little CRAZY here lately! But hey... we have your cradle and enough clothes to last a century (if you'd stay newborn sized that long!)... so GET OUT of MAH BELLY!

This is your 30 day eviction notice. And I'm being generous.


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