Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Okay, y'all..

Breastfeeding is going well...

Family life is going well...

The dog is doing well with the baby... (pics of this coming soon)

And I will start the Dooce-inspired Monthly Newsletters when Jakob is a month old (Nov 9).

Boo's Mama

Friday, October 13, 2006

The moment you've all been waiting for... the labor and delivery story!!!

October 8 (Sunday)
11pm- My water breaks... and after 2 trips to L&D with false alarms for water leakage, I finally know that it really did break. It was everywhere. I left a trail from the bedroom to the bathroom and back. DH and I know that if we go to the hospital now, we'll get all pitocin'd up and lose our chance for a natural childbirth... so we go back to bed

October 9 (Monday)
5am- DH and I get up and he decides to call into work, since we will be going to the hospital. He and I leave and meet my MIL there.

7am- Got all checked in (no triage this time, I was sent straight to a LDR room!). I was told to walk, walk, walk, walk, and walk some more... and given until noon to make noticable progress. At this point I am 2-3. It takes them four tries and one blow-out to get my saline lock in (yay, didn't have to have an IV yet).

12pm- And I am at 3-4cm, so the nurse requests that Dr M not start pitocin yet. He agrees but I start and IV of antibiotics. I'm having regular, semi-strong contractions but I'm not in a lot of pain... but the birth ball is wonderful at this point.

3pm- I'm a solid 4cm, not enough progress so I start pitocin. Contractions get stronger and closer together, and (as we've all heard) don't follow the usual pattern... they are just all ON. I'm still smiling between contractions, but can't talk through them anymore. This is when the back labor really kicks in.

6pm- Dr M finally comes in and checks me... I am still at 4cm, which absolutely breaks my heart because I thought the pitocin would work and I would make progress (and considering the pain...). He then finishes breaking my water (why didn't he do this earlier???) and puts an internal monitor in. This is where labor gets horrible. I'm biting on washrags, and I can't get up and move around anymore (I'm all hooked up to stuff now). I'm on my hands and knees on the bed, but still making it through contractions. Of course, they're on top of each other now...

9pm- I finally ask for an epidural... the nurse offers to check me beforehand, but I decline since so far the checks have been worse than the contractions (even the rag-biting ones). SO, I sit up and the anesthesiologist comes in... and I have to go to the bathroom. I mean, I feel like I ate some horrible mexican and I had to blow it out... I tell them this, and they say "It's okay, you can go to the bathroom in a minute" (DH says they were giving each other the "uh-oh" look behind my back, but the anesthesiologist had already started prepping)...

9:30 Epidural in. And I slept through the epidural process, except the four contractions (they had some problems getting it in... I would never have known). I turned on my back, the nurse checked me, and I was complete... the anesthesiologist hadn't even left the room, he was still talking to me about what to expect!

10pm- The nurses had let me "nap" as the epi took effect (the first dose... they never gave anything more than that), and now I start pushing (because I REALLY feel the urge). DH had said he didn't want to see "down there", but when the nurse asked if we were expecting hair, his eyes were all up in there! We could see the head pushing, and it was hairy!

10:20pm- I am told to STOP PUSHING because they CAN'T FIND THE DOCTOR (they literally tell the other OB to stay at the desk in case I pop). They finally find Dr M and we get down to business. Of course, the epi does nothing here... so I am totally PISSED that I even have it.

Kris cutting the cord

10:46pm- POP! Jakob Daniel is born, 8lbs 1oz, 20 3/4". I tear a wee bit and get 2 stitches. This is the point where I'm happy to have the epidural, even though it's mostly worn off... because I CAN feel the stitching and the uterine massage, but I could NOT feel (Thank God) when Dr M "packed" me full of gauze... or when I realized that his whole hand was missing, and there was only one place it could be... after he is done, I fall asleep.

Going home on Wednesday

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Life Lesson Number One: Ice Ice Baby

Dear Boudreaux...

Almost a year ago, I went to a Thanksgiving dinner. I sat across from your Aunt Ashley, who was about eight months pregnant at the time. The entire time she sat there, she crunched ice in her mouth. Of course, being very sound-sensitive and easily annoyed, I wanted to strangle her, because I could hear the sound of that ice grinding against her teeth in the very depths of my soul. I wondered to myself, how the heck can anyone chew up ice? It just seemed so painful!

Now, nearly a full year later, I sit here on the couch... typing letters to you... and eating cup after cup of ice. Oh, the wonderful sensations as the sharp, cold, wet chunks splatter against my tongue and cheeks! Oh, the beautiful sound of contained inner violence!

And oh, the humbleness in my heart for making such a hostile judgement, only to have it turn against me in complete irony.

I'll be crunching on ice while I breastfeed you... and someday, even if you don't ever get pregnant (and make me rich), I promise that you will understand.


Signs of Labor - Is Labor Approaching?



Pelvic Pressure


Vaginal Discharge

Nesting Instinct


Braxton Hicks Contractions

Shivering or Trembling



Early Signs of Labor Being Imminent

Mucus Plug or Bloody Show


Rupture of Membranes


Regular Contractions


Yeah, so really... that doesn't say anything, does it?

I can just hear God chuckling to Himself at the impatience of His pregnant children. He knows when Jake is coming... but He's going to keep that secret to Himself!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More nursery pictures!!! (no real reading required, just looking)...

When do I get to meet my new little brother? Bobo and his Daddy and his Matching Furniture...

Mama. Smiling. We took a picture, so it'd last longer... since I won't be smiling until after Jake is born at this point ;)

The really cool Pooh mobile that projects stuff unto the ceiling!

The little door-sign thing that Mimi (Kris's Godmother's mother) made for Kris when he was a bebe.

Daddy's last bit of rebellion before his baby is born... the mohawk...

Daddy & Boston (Bobo), the loyal guardian of the nursery (see that face? It says, "I promise I won't let that cat get in here!")

The birds & the bees above the awesome curtains Granny picked out.

The top drawer... bibs, washcloths, burp cloths, towels, a few toys, hats, and ALL M.E.D.B.D. SOCKS!

Yep, the clothing drawer... I'm OUT OF ROOM... NO MORE 0-3 month clothing!!

The bottom drawer of stuff: blankets, blankets, blankets, and pajamas...

Note: since I know SOMEone is going to ask, the top drawer on the right has the diapers and wipes in it, and the cabinet has extra diapers and all the first aid/medical stuff, as well as lotions, body wash, and shampoos........

The view from Mama & Daddy's room

The corner: trash, diapers (the diapers are under the table, the diaper pail is that cool looking blue and white thing), laundry basket (currently containing the Boppy), and table... on top of the table you will find the College Fund Pig, a picture of Big Jake, a ceramic figurine playing guitar (which resembles Big Jake), a small ceramic angel that I've had since I was really young (used to be a 3 pc set, but hey, I was a kid...), a little picture of Aunt Bug, a little toy dump truck, a musical piano (from Holly, in hopes that this Jake becomes a musician, too), and Jake's First Shoes from his Granny.

The painting (still sitting in the crib until I frame it and put it up)

The Pooh stickers above the crib

The Cradle (in Mama & Daddy's room) with the bathtub underneath. Oh, and the doll inside.

God Bless this Precious Little One... (with Pooh bees coming out)
Below this is where the picture frame with all the family pics will be (wait a few days for a picture of THAT, we have to put it up).
It's raining... it's pouring... it's a SHOWER (or two)!!!

Yep, The GiGi finally sent me The Pictures, so I can finally post about the showers. Because you know me, I don't like to post much unless I have visual aids for all my ADHD readers.

Now, if Boudreaux's hiccups will STOP SHAKING THE LAPTOP for a few minutes, I should be able to post about these fun parties...

SHOWER NUMBER ONE: The "family" shower...

Thrown by Kailey-Bug and Lindy-Pooh in The New Room... September 2nd... with The One Things.

Let me tell you about The One Things... the Things which I still Crave weeks and weeks later. Take a swiss roll. Cut it into 2-3 pieces. Roll it around in powdered sugar. Eat with milk. Gain more weight than the doctor recommends. Then tell him where to shove it. Mmmmmmm.... The actual cake was good, too... (take note of the centerpiece of this cake, you will be finding it in future pictures... let's play I Spy!)

This was a "couples" shower, but I think men are afraid of showers (the party kind and the literal kind). However, my darling husband KRIS was brave enough to come (and forsake the first UGA game, I am SO proud!) and I let him open the presents as a reward for his courage.

We received a lot of awesome stuff, especially clothing. And more clothing. And probably enough clothing that we won't have to do baby laundry for the first three months of Jake's life (YAY!). For other expectant moms out there: I don't care how cute all those clothes at the store are, DON'T BUY THEM if you're having any kind of shower. TRUST ME. But man, those were some adorable clothes... I washed all the little socks, and I was so scared that the washer was going to eat them!

High point of the shower: when Kris opened the box from his mom that had his stuffed Pooh and Tigger from when he was a baby... and they cried... and cried... and cried... (you will see these stuffed treasures in the nursery pictures, they are on top of the changing table... check down a little bit, or wait until I post the next set of nursery pictures later today).

And another note for those with "fun" families: don't buy little confetti pieces... you never know WHERE they'll end up, and how long you'll be finding them there!!!

Moving onto...
SHOWER NUMBER TWO: The "church" shower

If you thought the FAMILY shower was crazy... you ain't seen nothin' yet! Just kidding... our church is full of wonderful ladies that are typically calm, cool, and collected... nothing at all like MY family. I'm not exactly sure who "threw" this shower (how do you "throw" a shower anyway?), so whoever did all the work needs to comment on here for credit. I just know that I showed up and it was great. This shower was on September 28th, three days after our trip to the hospital. Of course, the cake was awesome. Oh, but when during pregnancy is cake NOT awesome?! (And look Jake, you'd BETTER be a boy, now!)

This was the STUFF shower. As in, now that Jake has things to wear, let's talk about how to feed him and then catch and clean up what we just fed him (on both ends, mind you!). And then let's talk about accessories! Bath towels, medical supplies, first aid stuff, blankets (can't ever have too many blankets), bottles, bottle brushes, more bottles, lotion... you know, STUFF. Behind the Scenes stuff (because people in public see the baby and his clothes) that's absolutely necessary for your sanity and survival.

Of course, I have to make note of the awesome pre-shower activities... even though I will NOT be posting the toe-picture... my wonderful mother-in-law took me for my (and her) first pedicure ever... it was a little strange at first, since I'm not really a foot-touching-person... but man, I sure did get used to it real quick :) and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Oh, and the above is a picture of me being super-pregnant. That yellow box is a magic box of Boudreaux's Butt Paste... which actually smells REALLY GOOD. I will be using it in very tiny amounts on our Boudreaux, because it smells good enough to make me want to eat him all up, and I'm sure he'll already be cute enough to eat up!

Aaaand that's about it for the showers... thank you to everyone who came and partied it up... or even if you just came, or even if you just dropped off a gift and ran away because I looked so funny =D because LOOK AT THAT, I look like I'm about to pop... and who wants amniotic fluid explosion all over them?

But guess what, Loyal Readers? I'm going to stop writing on this post so I can post more NURSERY PICTURES. Fun fun fun!!

If I left anything out (any good details or significant events), feel free to comment about them.

Looove, Boo's Mama