Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More nursery pictures!!! (no real reading required, just looking)...

When do I get to meet my new little brother? Bobo and his Daddy and his Matching Furniture...

Mama. Smiling. We took a picture, so it'd last longer... since I won't be smiling until after Jake is born at this point ;)

The really cool Pooh mobile that projects stuff unto the ceiling!

The little door-sign thing that Mimi (Kris's Godmother's mother) made for Kris when he was a bebe.

Daddy's last bit of rebellion before his baby is born... the mohawk...

Daddy & Boston (Bobo), the loyal guardian of the nursery (see that face? It says, "I promise I won't let that cat get in here!")

The birds & the bees above the awesome curtains Granny picked out.

The top drawer... bibs, washcloths, burp cloths, towels, a few toys, hats, and ALL M.E.D.B.D. SOCKS!

Yep, the clothing drawer... I'm OUT OF ROOM... NO MORE 0-3 month clothing!!

The bottom drawer of stuff: blankets, blankets, blankets, and pajamas...

Note: since I know SOMEone is going to ask, the top drawer on the right has the diapers and wipes in it, and the cabinet has extra diapers and all the first aid/medical stuff, as well as lotions, body wash, and shampoos........

The view from Mama & Daddy's room

The corner: trash, diapers (the diapers are under the table, the diaper pail is that cool looking blue and white thing), laundry basket (currently containing the Boppy), and table... on top of the table you will find the College Fund Pig, a picture of Big Jake, a ceramic figurine playing guitar (which resembles Big Jake), a small ceramic angel that I've had since I was really young (used to be a 3 pc set, but hey, I was a kid...), a little picture of Aunt Bug, a little toy dump truck, a musical piano (from Holly, in hopes that this Jake becomes a musician, too), and Jake's First Shoes from his Granny.

The painting (still sitting in the crib until I frame it and put it up)

The Pooh stickers above the crib

The Cradle (in Mama & Daddy's room) with the bathtub underneath. Oh, and the doll inside.

God Bless this Precious Little One... (with Pooh bees coming out)
Below this is where the picture frame with all the family pics will be (wait a few days for a picture of THAT, we have to put it up).

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