Sunday, December 10, 2006

Monthly Love Letter: Month Two

Dear Boudreaux...

Yesterday you turned two months old. I know I'm a day late, but this won't be the last time it happens, so I hope you'll learn how to forgive good and early.

Something truly amazing has happened to you in the last month: you've come to LIFE! It all started on November 18th... Daddy, you, Aunt Bug, and I went to Atlanta to see your Grampy and Chio (who would prefer to be called "Aunt Chio" even though she is totally your grandma). You got passed around quite a bit, until Chio held you. I don't know what she said to you (Mama is German, not Mexican), but you gave her the BIGGEST grin! It was your first "responsive" smile... the first one that wasn't just caused by your tooting. The next day, you were smiling at everyone!

But it was about a week later that the really cool stuff started to happen... I was in the kitchen, getting something to eat, while you were in the swing in the living room. I heard this SOUND that I had NEVER heard before... it sounded like a screaming frog! I ran into the room, panicked that something horrible had happened to you... and you were just grinning at the Christmas tree! You were LAUGHING! After my heart returned to its normal rate, I realized that you were carrying on an entire conversation with this light-covered shrub. You have learned the fine art of communication, even if it is mostly with inanimate objects.

We also had our first few "assidents" this month. The first one was just on the changing table, and it got on the pretty green cover and the clippy straps. The second one was in the car, after you got done eating. This one was to your shoulders, on your feet and hands and ears, and Daddy and I had to cleverly clean you up IN the car. Thank God for the case of wipes in the trunk! The last one was at Aunt KK's... your diaper was super-wet, so I had opened it on my lap (you were fussing about it... or I thought you were). Well, it was just sitting on you, not velcroed, and I heard The Sound. I let you finish, thinking that it was all contained, then I changed your diaper (moving you DELICATELY) on a white towel. There was NO POO on the towel. NONE.
NADA. So explain to me, please, how I had MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF POO ON MY BRAND NEW KHAKI PANTS!? I had to strip down right there and SHOUT it all out.

Your "colic" has gotten better. You don't cry as much, but then we've been carrying you more (you know, like all those "third world country" moms that always carry their babies, and don't understand WHY American babies cry...). We think you might have a little reflux problem, because you spit up a little more than most babies. You've been sleeping through most of every night, only waking up at 3am to welcome Daddy home from work (THANK YOU).

And every morning, at about 8am, you'll wake up and start cooing to yourself. Daddy and I will look at you, and listen to you tell us about your dreams. You'll look up at us like this every morning, grinning and making all those cute little baby noises, and making us realize how truly blessed we are... even when you do spit up all over us.


post will be edited at later date to include pictures (dialup here at the moment)

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